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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Go Yumi Go!

Early this week I was told that Yumi was still in the breeding department, hadn't been spayed yet due to delays from the holidays, but that she was doing fine and would be in a string eventually.  I truly did not expect to see her on the phase list for at least 3 weeks.  However, I just checked and there she was!


Phase 0 is a kennel adjustment period where a dog's personality and temperament is evaluated to help instructors determine the most effective way to train each individual dog.  Dogs are given every opportunity to enjoy the kennel experience with a lot of kennel enrichment like special toys, roommates, cuddle time with humans, playtime in an enclosed outdoor area, aromatherapy, massage, walks on campus, etc.  Yumi has been in the kennel environment for a while, so I think she'll be in phase 1 soon.  I'm looking forward to following her progress!

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Hooray!! I'm glad you finally got some news about Yumi!