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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hay bale garden

Lyn and I went to the Home and Garden Fair this last weekend and bought herbs and vegetables for the hay bale garden. Lyn carved out 2 troughs in the bales and we planted Saturday evening.

both planted straw bales

We have eggplant, lettuce, basil, dill, and patty-pan squash. I thought we would be able to plant more, but we have other beds with spinach, kale, tomatoes and beans and pumpkin.

Kristin came home on Sunday and did extremely well. No accidents even with increasing the amount of food and she also was able to go on 5-hour outings into stores. Of course, she had 3 accidents the evening she came home, so I'm back to feeding her one time a day. We have a theory that Kristin will not relieve in a store and so Lyn and I are going to test her this evening to see if this is a sound theory.

I'm motivated again in terms of puppy raising. Kristin is tentatively going back to campus on Fun Day this year. It was such a surprise to get a date! She had such a good weekend and the people who took Kristin had such good things to say about her and I want all the things they said to be true. I really want her to make it! If we could only get the relieving issue resolved!


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

The garden is looking so pretty! Glad to hear Kristin is doing well, and that you are feeling up to puppy raising. That's good news!

Reddunappy said...

Hi Martha, thank for your comments on Jessie, we have a big void now with no "pet" dogs. (maybe Dub wont make it he he he he, yeah right he is a good one!)

Your bale garden looks intrigueing! cant wait to see how it does!.

Bob said...

I did this one year. What I did different was place the bales on their edge rather than string side up as you have. I covered the bales with about 1 inch of soil. Then I spread the straw and planted the different plants. It needs watering fairly often as the straw will dry quickly. I also used miracle grow once a week to combat the nitrogen drain as the bales rot. By the fall the bales where well on their way to decomposing so I dug them in.